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Summary Report of Dr. Maret's Europe Visit (Jan 23 -Feb 7, 2001)

The trip was undertaken by Dr. Karl Maret, President of the Dove Health Alliance, to network with scientific and medical colleagues in Germany, France and Holland and to learn about recent new developments in the field of Energy and Informational Medicine.  Some of the more noteworthy developments are described in this report. It is hoped that a more active collaboration between American doctors and scientists and our European colleagues can begin to be initiated.  In general, the response from all people visited was extremely positive and without exception, all persons contacted expressed a sincere desire to develop a closer working relationship with American scientists and organizations active in this field.

Dr. Maret began in Munich with a visit to the clinic of internist Dr. Knut Pfeiffer who was the first German doctor to apply the Pulsed Signal Therapy technique developed by Dr. Markoll to treat various forms of joint disease.  There are now 600 doctors in 250 clinics in Germany using this electromagnetic therapy that was developed in part in the U.S. but has not found much application in the U.S. due to the difficult federal regulatory environment for this type of healing modality.  The PST machines are now built and distributed in Germany and interest in this form of electromagnetic therapy is growing.

Dr. Pfeiffer stated that many studies of the technique‚s efficacy have now been completed in Germany, Italy and other European countries. In his clinical practice he sees an 80% success rate in the elimination of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms within 3 months after an initial series of nine 1-hour treatments over 9 sequential days.  The cost per treatment is DM 144 or about $72 for a total treatment series cost of DM 1296 or about  $650.  That is extremely cheap considering the high morbidity costs associated with these diseases.  The PST devices come in several sizes including devices for treatment of the upper extremities, knees, neck and spine.   A device for treating specific regions of the spine exists wherein the patient lies supine and the electromagnetic coils are moved to the region to be treated.

These devices should definitely become available for investigational use in the U.S. since they could have a significant impact on health care costs.  The science of how they affect joint repair and healing is quite advanced and the symptom relief from the treatments lasts from one to several years with many reported cases of complete long term cures.  Dr. Pfeiffer reports that many patients have been spared the need for joint replacement surgery and his practice is now quite busy with these modalities through the use of 5 of these machines.  There are no side effects and treatments are painless.

Next followed a two day visit to composer Peter Huebner and his colleagues near Dortmund.  This group has created Medical Resonance Therapy music over the last 13 years which is now sold in 2000 German pharmacies and recognized by the German health ministry as effective musical therapy for stress reduction and a variety of medical conditions including migraines, immunological disorders, gynecological disorders, neurodermatitis, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances, premature labor, sleep disorders, among others.  It has been studied extensively in Germany, Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine by teams of scientists and medical doctors.  There is an extensive web site ( which lists the advantages of this music.

18 basis CDs and an additional 15 supplemental CDs have been created that can be used to help normalize the internal physiological and hormonal rhythms in listeners while assisting in psychophysiological stress reduction.  Endocrinological studies have shown a reduction of cortisol levels, elevation of endorphins and normalization of sex hormones.  In Belarus, this music is now mandated for treatment of premature labor since the incidence of prematurity there decreased from 14% to 6.7% after musical listening programs were introduced to pregnant woman at risk.

The music is structured based on Mr. Huebner‚s research into the Microcosm of Music and the Laws of Harmony.  These exacting musical laws that were first researched in the West by Pythagoras but have been known in the East for a long time.  The Chinese are now using this music extensively since they found that their Chi Gong and other martial arts internal exercise practices showed an apparently 6-fold increase in effectiveness when the music is also utilized.

The music is not at all like traditional „relaxation music‰ commonly available; indeed the listener may  initially be disturbed and may report disliking the music; this being more common if specific or greater number of internal rhythm imbalances exist.  After continuing to listen to the medical music, listeners generally report a greater tolerance for the music and soon report really liking it. The music stimulates a harmonizing and healing effect on the whole system which initially may be accompanied by a type of „healing crisis‰.  Many doctors have found deep and lasting positive personality changes in themselves as well as their patients if they persist in listening to the music consistently over several weeks to months.  The CDs are sold individually as well as in sets (with between 6 to 10 CDs per set) that are listened to sequentially over as many days.  The cost of the CDs is comparable to commercially available music CDs.  Dr. Maret will begin to make this music available to interested doctors and individuals in the U.S.

Next followed a visit to Dr. Fritz Popp at the International Institute of Biophysics (IIB) in Neuss, Germany.  Dr. Popp, a biophysicist, is one of the foremost experts on biophoton research and has partnered with 14 other universities and research institutes internationally to conduct studies in this field.  Biophotons were first described by the Russian scientist Gurwitch in the 1920s and then referred to as mitogenic rays since they induced mitosis in onion roots.  Since then, there have been many books written and several conferences held concerning biophotons. Most research collaborators active in this field are in Germany, China and England.

Dr. Popp described the application of biophoton research to the investigation of subtle regulatory influences in and between cells and how new models of biophysics and quantum physics elucidate the important regulatory role of these quanta of living light inside the body.  Dr. Maret was able to record an excellent video interview in which Dr. Popp outlined potential quantum physical mechanisms of the effectiveness of small signals, including homeopathic remedies, biophotons or nonthermal electromagnetic fields, on the organism‚s homeostasis.  The work of Dr. Popp in the past has been more oriented to fundamental biophysics without immediate clinical application.   However, he then described a new initiative of the IIB planned in March 2001 which will bring together leading groups of European (mostly German) clinicians and researchers in Complementary and Alternative Medicine.  The purpose of this meeting is to discuss a closer research and clinical collaboration between basic scientists and clinicians so that this innovative research can have greater impact on health care delivery.  To that end, they are planning to host a series of 10 formative seminars this year to be held monthly for groups of around 30 doctors interested in the scientific basis of CAM.  The seminar topics will include:

  1.  Scientific Foundations of Complementary Medicine
  2.  The system of ground regulation (non-specific mesenchymal regulation)
  3.  Homeopathy
  4.  Acupuncture
  5.  Alternative tumor diagnosis and therapy
  6.  Agriculture and quality assessment of foods
  7.  Water and its importance
  8.  The Environment in its wholeness
  9.  Body, Soul and Spirit
  10.  Ethics in medicine and society

Dr. Popp expressed a sincere desire to cooperate with American scientists and clinicians in furthering biophysical research and educational initiatives in CAM.  Their web site which gives a good insight into their work is  (

Dr. Maret also visited with Dr. Roeland van Wijk, another key scientist at IIB, who will soon be retiring as professor of biological research at the University of Utrecht.  Dr. van Wijk has been widely respected for his basic science research in the field of biophotons, homeopathy and cellular communications.  Recently he has carried out research with single-celled acetabularia studying biophoton emissions from these organisms in response to various environmental stimuli including the effects of intention and consciousness.

The IIB has also been involved in studying the quality of foods and nutrients by quantitating biophoton emissions after various methods of agricultural production, processing and storage.  Recently the institute has moved into new facilities in close proximity to an artistic community with many new social initiates supported by a local philanthropist.

Next Dr. Maret visited with Norbert Veel at his recording studio in Holland.  Mr. Veel has developed a unique recording facility that utilizes a special bioresonance recording techniques. This approach creates superb musical reproduction with a palpably recognizable emotional content of the performing artist reproduced in the recordings.  Mr Veel, a trained recording engineer, has an very sensitive perceptive ability with regard to sounds as well as being very skilled as an electronics designer.  He modified all the studio electronic equipment to eliminate phase distortions and other musical discolorations while maximizing specific „nonlinear acoustic elements‰ that allow sound to be recorded and reproduced with extremely life-like character.  Philips Corporation in the Netherlands as well as Sony and Warner Brothers have offered him very lucrative contracts to either divulge his technology or build studios for them.  However, he has to date refused all these offers because of his personal interest to use these technologies in the service of healing and the artistic and consciousness development of humanity.   He is interested in collaboration with scientists and artists that are motivated to advance the fields of healing and the development of human potential using these new acoustic technologies.

Then followed a visit to the Imaging Laboratory sponsored by the Fred Foundation in Hilversum, near Amsterdam.  This small research laboratory is interested in biophoton research (in association with Dr. van Wijk), water research and sound research.   Dialogs were held with Saskia Bosman, Ph.D., a biologist who has done some interesting research with the creation of „earth gates,‰ a type of earth acupuncture, in which metallic geometrical resonance structures were placed in various locations around the world and activated by groups of people through sound and intention while monitoring geocosmic parameters such as magnetometers, Geiger counters, normal and infrared phtography and the like.  They were able to photograph light spheres on both normal and IR film as well as show changes in local magnetic fields during the activation of these gates.  Dr. Bosman also presented a proposal for a holistic research project involving the pineal gland including an extensive literature survey of this gland and how it might be studied as a sensitive detector for torsion fields and other scalar wave field phenomena.  She would like to collaborate with American scientists in this effort and the proposal is available from her or Dr. Maret for review.

The coordinator of the lab, Guusje Hogendoorn, who works for the Fred Foundation, described their work in the qualitative research of imaging different types of water.   The lab uses the unique imaging procedures developed by David Schweitzer (Albert Schweitzer‚s son) of London, England.  This qualitative photographic approach makes visible rather beautiful resonant patterns in water treated by various modalities including physical treatment in various places or with different devices, as well as investigating the effect of healers, emotions and conscious intention.  This technique reveals geometrical patterns reminiscent of Moire or wave interference patterns that appear very interesting and are certainly distinctive.

They are now attempting to replicate a fast freezing technique developed in Japan by Masaru Emoto to study the ice crystallization patterns of water with a microphotographic technique.  A book on the qualitative study of these photographed ice crystals has recently been published with the title „The Message from Water‰ and was presented by the lab to Dr. Maret.  Much of this work at the lab is being carried out by Jan Souren who worked formerly with Dr. van Wijk at the Universityof Utrecht and has set up the biophoton research facility at the Imaging Laboratory.  In addition, the lab is investigating technical and software improvements of the Automated Meridian Instrument (AMI) originally developed by Dr. Motoyama in Japan to study acupuncture meridians.

Henk Kooij, a sound healer and psychologist, who is also associated with the lab explained his interests regarding sound healing approaches which he has begun in association with Norbert Veel as well as Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, Egypt.  They are waiting for the improvements in the AMI as well as the ice crystallization technique to study the effects of specific acoustic patterns on people as well as on water.

Dr. Maret also met with Mr. Fred Matser who founded the Fred Foundation, a Dutch philanthropic foundation, that has developed many initiatives and spawned various other philanthropic impulses including a Sarajevo Peace Park, the Green Cross foundation with Michael Gorbachov to positively impact environmental remediation, among others.  Mr. Matser was interested in the question of how charitable initiatives can become more accountable and create a more effective and completed cycle of gift giving.  Specifically he was interested in the development of a system which would allow the philanthropists to be more energetically involved in the gifting process while simultaneously encouraging the receiver of donated funds to become more self-sustaining in their charitable activity.  What he would like to see developed is an interactive expert information system that could keep all parties more actively involved as an energetic philanthropic ecosystem.  Dr. Maret proposed to investigate the applicability of new integrative database systems used by the oil industry as a new expert system as well as exploring with Silicon Valley philanthropic organizations that are also seeking new accountability models in the Third Sector (philanthropy as opposed to the business or governmental sectors).

While in Amsterdam, Dr. Maret also visited the architectural firm of Alberts and Van Huut which are engaged in the development of a new hospital design based on organic architectural principles.  This firm had been instrumental in designing innovative office buildings based on energy efficiency and organic architectural principles including the famous bank headquarters of the ING Bank in Amsterdam.  They were also responsible for designing the peace park in Sarajevo funded by the Fred Foundation.

A trip to Paris was then undertaken to meet with Jacques Benveniste and see their laboratory.  Dr. Benveniste is a famous French immunologist whose work several years ago unleashed a firestorm of controversy when he published immunological proof of the effectiveness of homeopathic high dilutions in the journal Nature.  Following an unheard of persecution of Dr. Benveniste by Dr. Maddox, editor of the journal Nature, to frankly prove that Benveniste‚s work was not possible, which included sending in a professional magician named Randi into his state-run French research lab, the lab was subsequently down-sized.  At present the lab includes 4 lab techs, secretarial support, and a very competent research partner and lab director named Didier Guillonnet whose background is in software and hardware engineering.  Their work continues to be on the cutting edge and recently they have had a series of breakthroughs.

Dr. Benveniste had succeeded several years ago to impress pharmacological and homeopathic signals into water using an electromagnetic coil around a well into which test water was placed. These electromagnetic signals in the audio range (20 to 20,000 Hz) are able to structure pure water so that they are able to influence a Langendorff isolated heart preparation and create blood perfusion effects that are indistinguishable from pharmacological agents.  They have now advanced their assays even further to create a stand-alone automated in vitro assay system that allows them to assess the efficacy of water imprinted with electromagnetic heparin signals and consistently demonstrate the inhibition of clotting of sheep serum using optical density measurements.  This robotic autoanalyzer technique completely eliminates human intervention during the 96-well experimental run and has proven the validity of electromagnetic imprinting of heparin signals in water.  The experiment is now going to be duplicated using this robotic analyzer in several other labs in Europe and the U.S.   Dr. Benveniste hopes that if this work can be replicated by several labs (it has already been duplicated with this new machine in one French lab) and these combined studies be properly published in a reputable journal, that this field will finally become acceptable to the broader scientific community.

They have formed a company called DigiBio (web page: and see many cost effective applications of their technology.  In the biotechnology field this includes the development of bacterial and virus detection assays, the capability of determining the presence of genetically modified foods (GMOs) with signals that can be sent to the testing lab remotely using standard computer communication technologies, detection of BSE (Mad Cow disease) markers, and so on.  They also have the capability to detect with accuracy whether homeopathic remedies have actual potency and are what they claim to be using their sensitive assay method.   They are looking for further investment money to advance their research and it may soon reach a stage of commercial viabilty.

Upon returning to Munich, Dr. Maret visited with  Manfred Doepp, an ex-nuclear medicine specialist, who has been one of Germany‚s foremost experts on electromagnetic medicine including a variety of technologies for automated acupuncture meridian assessment.  He demonstrated the Prognos device that has been in use by over 400 German doctors and naturopaths for functional assessment of the human energetic system.  This device was originally developed by Professor Dr. Zagriadskij for the Russian space program and was successfully deployed from 1984 to 1995 on the Russian MIR space station.  During its use on the space station by the resident doctor, all astronauts were measured consistently and treated based on their assessed 12 acupuncture meridian balance.  No cosmonaut got sick on the space station while the Prognos device was used to test them and they were treated with software-calculated balancing acupuncture protocols according to the method of Dr. Mussat in France.

The device has been extensively improved by the German software team. The interface that measures the 12 bilateral acupunture meridian endpoints on the tips of all fingers and toes is manufactured by Siemens.  Because only a small signal is used (a constant current of 0.4 microamperes with 400 serial measurements per point completed in 400 milliseconds) there is no apparent stimulation of the acupuncture meridians by the brief measurement and a complete 24 point evaluation can be completed in less than 2 minutes.  After the baseline functional state of the meridian system has been determined, the effectiveness of various interventions such as pharmacological agents, herbs, vitamins or homeopathic remedies can be quantitatively assessed (including the worsening of the energetic balance with inappropriate remedies).

The software consistently shows all meridians graphically and allows the energetic status to be quantitated and displayed as line or bar graphs. Problems with teeth, root canals, latent infections etc. can easily be shown if they have a bearing on the functional state of the test subject making this also a valuable assessment tool for dentists.

The company marketing this device is planning to make this device widely available to physicians in Europe and Asia and has in mind to make a self-testing interface available to the general public as part of a subsciption health maintenence approach using the Internet or a cellular phone interfaces.  According to Dr. Doepp, this device is stable and repeatable and has been validated in double blind studies to show its accuracy.  He shared many examples of how a physician can accurately assess the efficacy of a drug or natural substance on a patient‚s energetic system including finding the right combination of remedies for the client.  The promise of this approach is that it might finally allow both Western trained physicians and alternative health care providers to work cooperatively to find the best remedies for their clients. Further, it may be developed as a preventive medicine self-assessment tool for the general public so they may get rapid feedback via their computer or cellular phone screens of the energetic effect of their lifestyle choices.  It remains to be seen if this vision can be realized as intended.

Dr. Maret then went to the Black Forest region to meet with Professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl, an electrical engineering physics specialist known in Germany for his insights into electromagnetic theory including longitudinal wave or scalar physics.  Dr. Meyl developed the concept of the potential vortex as a way of making Maxwell‚s equations of electromagnetism consistent as a set of field equations.  This work has important implications for energy generation and transmissions as already proposed by Nikolas Tesla over 100 years ago.  Dr. Meyl has written several books in German that are being translated into English that could significantly impact our understanding of how subtle energy processes are mediated in biological systems.  He has an extensive lecture schedule and works with a dedicated group of students at a small technical institute to show experimental proof for his ideas.

He pointed out that Maxwell‚s 4 equations of electromagnetism were not consistent field equations as originally envisioned by Faraday, who discovered induction and pictorially visualized these fields.  Maxwell‚s equations are based on the laws of Gauss, Faraday and Ampere regarding electromagnetic phenomena.  Maxwell developed a consistent set of mathematical expressions that were describing electromagnetic fields and allowed him to prove that the nature of light was electromagnetic. However, his work in the 19th century was before quantum physics was invented by Planck in the 20th century.  Once quantum physics became Wide spread, it became apparent that only 3 of Maxwell‚s four equations were wave equations describing a general field, the fourth equation based on Gauss‚ Law is essentially a quantum equation which suggests that the field is caused by charged particles (the quantum approach). What Meyl is suggesting is that this fourth equation be reexamined to make it a wave equation so that all of Maxwell‚s equations are pure field equations and that thus the field is primary and causality, one of the true cornerstones of physics, again becomes restored.

The concept of the particles (or quanta) as vortices within fields becomes a core concept in Meyl‚s ideas and his introduction of the potential vortex associated with electrical fields is a very elegant and plausible concept which has powerful implications.  It suggests that waves (formally described as wave equations) are carriers of information and energy, and further that these electromagnetic Hertzian waves can readily create stable vortices or become particles of matter.  Thus, although we know that light can be viewed as both a wave or particle, it can never be both simultaneously.  Instead, according to Dr. Meyl, it can readily move from one state to the other, ie. from wave to vortexial particle of matter.  Meyl derives the structure of all subatomic particles and antiparticles from his vortexial concepts with excellent agreement with experimentally determined energy levels.  He further states that neutrinos were already described by Nikolas Tesla who also did practical demonstrations of electromagnetic energy transmission using longitudinal or Tesla waves at the beginning of the 20th century. Working from Maxwell‚s field equations, Meyl convincingly shows that the general field equations contain descriptions of both the Hertzian transverse electromagnetic waves as well as the scalar or longitudinal Tesla waves which are associated with vortexial resonances and are more important for biological systems.

Meyl‚s work can potentially lead to renewed assessment of electromagnetic field phenomena to explain many subtle energy processes as well as the mechanism of free energy generation out of the Dirac sea or vacuum.  This is hypothesized to take place through neutrino fluxes that travel faster than light.   Dr. Meyl‚s work is not only theoretical, however, he also demonstrated  by means of a test set the reality of scalar physics.  Using the Tesla or longitudinal waves first discovered by Nikolas Tesla over 100 years ago and validated later by Lord Kelvin, Dr. Meyl demonstrated that flat spiral coils coupled to metallic spherical antennas could transmit not only Hertzian transverse electromagnetic signals (as used in all modern radio, TV, microwave etc communication) but also scalar or longitudinal waves which transmit signals much more effectively and with resonance between the sender and receiver.  Using this type of almost loss-less transmission, signals can be transmitted as compression waves with the additional degree of freedom of being able to travel at variable speeds either greater or less than the speed of light which by definition is the single speed at which all electromagnetic transverse Hertzian waves must travel.  Dr. Maret brought back from Dr. Meyl an experimental setup that can demonstrate this phenomenon which was first described and demonstrated by Nikolas Tesla.

Dr. Meyl has also written and lectured extensively on the problem of electrosmog.  This deals with the massive increase in scalar waves in the environment as the result of the poor coupling or antenna mismatch between cellular telephone transmitters and the environment.  In brief, cellular phones (handys as they are called in Europe) have currently been designed not to transmit efficiently as electromagnetic devices using transverse Hertzian waves.  Based on their current operating frequencies, their antennas ought to be between 16 and 17 inches long. By shortening the antenna to their present stub forms, engineers are essentially decreasing the power coupling to their antenna, hence cutting down their effective range and requiring many booster cellular repeaters towers.  Instead of being pure electromagnetic Hertzian devices, they are thereby transformed to partially become scalar or longitudinal Tesla wave transmission devices.  That is why they can transmit so well inside concrete buildings, inside Faraday cage like cars and planes, and even from inside microwave ovens (put one in an oven and call it to see if it rings to prove this to yourself).  Thus the cellular phone revolution that is now underway world-wide means that increasing levels of electromagnetic scalar frequencies now are being increasingly generated, signals which are much more bioactive since nature communicates predominantly in this manner. The potential health hazards of this „electrosmog‰ are just beginning to emerge complicated by the fact that no good scalar wave detection devices exist as yet.  Dr. Meyl proposed to develop a collaborative research program to find scalar wave absorbers as a first step to deal with the increasing levels of electrosmog.  Such research would then lead to develop calibrated scalar wave detection devices.  The physics of fields that he has worked on for many years has great promise for explaning the mechanism of many subtle energy and energy processes in living systems and deserves the immediate attention of scientists and doctors in the U.S.   He is willing and able to conduct Internet-based graduate-level classes for physicists, graduate students and doctors in the U.S. interested in gaining a thorough understanding of his work in this important field.  Dr. Maret will explore how such an interactive long distance course might be set up using a university in the San Francisco Bay area.

>From there Dr. Maret visited Dr. Hendrik Treugut, the founder of the German Society for Energetic and Informational Medicine in Stuttgart. This society is two years old and is conducting annual meetings for the membership in the fall of each year.  Dr. Treugut, who is head of the radiology department of a small hospital and an Associate Professor at the University of Ulm, is well respected in both the conventional medical field as well as the energy medicine community.   Dr. Treugut described the role of various groups involved in research and clinical developments in the field of energy medicine in Germany.  He gave a good overview of the current political climate in Germany which in many ways is analogous to the situation in the U.S. with conventional medicine having not much understanding or appreciation of this energetic and informational medicine field.  Dr. Maret shared the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine information with him and invited him to closely collaboarte with ISSSEEM and join the society as well as attend its June 2001 meeting which he is considering.  Dr. Treugut already has a good working relationship with the Dove Health Alliance.

Dr. Treugut is hoping to create a demonstration center for new electromagnetic diagnostic and treatment modalities and then train a cadre of alternative medicine doctors in their use.  These newly trained doctors will apply these modalities in an complementary manner with the help of a new parallel insurance model paid for on a subscription basis - a kind of wellness insurance program that will give subscribers access to these newly trained complementary informational medicine doctors. Based on everything seen on this trip, it is believed that this approach might now be timely and has a good probability of succeeding.  The German society has annual meetings in September and he invited Elmer Green to speak at this year‚s conference.  Dr. Maret also accepted an invitation to address the 2001 conference on behalf of the Dove Health Alliance.

In Stuttgart, Dr. Maret and Dr. Treugut also met with Dr. Guenter Haffelder, a physicist and psychologist, who heads the Institute for Communication and Brain Research.  This institute conducts innovative research on EEG spectral analysis associated with cognitive processing and learning dysfunction.  They have developed unique protocols for assessing EEG pattern recognition using waterfall EEG plots and assessing hemispheric coordination and integration.  By using structured questionaires, visual and acoustic cue recognition protocols and acoustic patterns from animal sounds, especially cetaceans and dolphins, they are able to detect cognitive processing imbalances and then create unique, individualized acoustic CDs to reeducate the brain.  They have treated thousands of patients over the last 2 decades with excellent success and had good results in the rehabilitation of brain damaged subjects.

They also found that unique „still point‰ patterns can be recognized in the EEG of test subjects that had experienced intrauterine crises during their prenatal development.  This prenatal crisis leads to a recognizable pattern of brief EEG cessation in response to hearing certain animal sounds.  Once the pattern is recognized, specific musical tapes of orchestral music, often played back at slowed tempos and combined with other acoustic patterns, can be created for the client to overcome these old traumas and assist in the normalization of cognitive processing.  They have worked with a wide variety of subjects ranging from brain trauma victims, attention deficit disorders, learning disorders, to olympic athletes who achieved gold medals after sessions of cognitive processing reeducation using specialized acoustic stimulation.

A brief meetings was also held with Hubert Godard, a movement teacher and dancer from Paris who was a Rolfing instructor at the Munich Rolf Institute.  In association with surgeons and neurologists, he is conducting research since 1988 at the National Research Institute in Milano, Italy in the field of sensory integration through movement especially applied to the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients. Since 1990 he has been head of the faculty of dance at University VIII in Paris as well as being an international lecturer for movement therapy in association with the Rolf Institute.

Peter Schwind, Ph.D., who is a rolfer and naturopath in Munich, was also briefly contacted.  He was the first European instructor at the Rolf Institute in Boulder in 1985 and since 1999 is Advanced Instructor there.  Along with the famous French osteopath Jean Pierre Barral he created the Munich Group for Interdisciplinary Therapeutic Modalitities and he now works with doctors at the University of Munich to advance this important structural integration discipline. He is also an advanced instructor with the Munich Rolf Institute.  His latest book „Alles im Lot‰ („Everything in Alignment‰), which gives an excellent scientific introduction into the Rolfing Method, was just published.   Dr. Maret briefly met with Dr. Schwind to introduce him to the work of the Dove Health Alliance and the energy medicine field in the U.S.   Dr. Schwind is very interested in the field of energy medicine and avenues of collaboration will continue to be explored.

Contact was also made with  Dr. Franz Lutz, a medical doctor who is general manager of the Institute for Resonance Therapy (  This institute has been working since 1988 to apply essentially radionic broadcasting approaches for large-scale revitalization of low-vitality ecosystems.  They pioneered new methods to treating sick woodland areas covering over 10,000 hectares with great success.  The basic method was discovered at Stanford University at the beginning of the 20th century and applied to medicine through Dr. Abrams.

Irene Lutz at the Institute for Resonant Therapy, as a result of her extensive experience of healing processes based on energy flows, recognized the potential of using this method to improve the quality of crops and increase crop yields.  Even wildlife around the treated areas seemed to sense the positive impact of the remote broadcast healing process and sought food and resting places in the various woodland and agricultural areas being treated.  In the face of increasing environmental damage, resonance therapy appears to support nature‚s self-regulatory capabilities by releasing forces that had previously been blocked.  Further information on this innovative initiative can be found on their excellent web site.

To summarize, this short trip to Europe gave many positive impulses to renewing collaborative work between American scientists and clinicians working in the fields of energy and informational medicine and our European counterparts.  Many of the individuals and institutions contacted by Dr. Maret wanted to developing a closer working relationship characterized by the free flow of information, the possibility of having virtual conferences over the new possibilities of the Internet and to explore common funding for various projects.  Dr. Maret is putting together a proposal to create a peer-to-peer (P2P) network so that collaboration might be explored.  Dr. Maret recorded several hours of interview with many of the scientists on digital video tape and hopes to edit these soon into a film describing the innovative work being done in Europe today.

A closer working relationship between the Dove Health Alliance and the Society of Energetic and Informational Medicine was established and many individuals are exploring the possibility of joining ISSSEEM, the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (  Dr. Maret would like to continue to support and expand this European network of energy and informational medicine practitioners and would be grateful for any feedback in this regard.