Our objectives are to provide an international non-biased forum for developing the science and practice of auricular medicine, based on the teachings of Paul Nogier.

The International Association provides a democratic forum for medical practitioners, dentists, physical therapists, acupuncturists and mental health practitioners who have a particular interest in auricular therapy and auricular medicine. Such a continuing dialog in conjunction with local and international meetings should enhance clinical practice skills and encourage formal research.

This website allows you to join an international discussion in the field of auricular therapy through different discussion groups in order to contribute to the knowledge of auricular therapy and to diminish suffering in this world.



The International association for Auricular Medicine (IAAM) was inaugurated at the International Symposium: From Auriculotherapy to Auricular Medicine, Eilat, Israel, November, 1993.



The IAAM publishes a biannual journal,
COHERENCE - "The International Journal of Auricular Medicine"
(IJAM, ISSN#1565-0138). Editor: Dr. Edward Dvorkin, Israel.


The IAAM board


Vice President: Dr. John Ackerman, USA
Treasurer: Dr Mint Veenstra, The Netherlands

General Members

Dr. Edward Dvorkin, Israel
Dr. Steven Hofman, The Netherlands
Dr. Julian Kenyon, United Kingdom
Dr. Andre Lenzt, France
Dr. Michel Marignan, France 
Dr. Sebastian Leib, Germany
Dr. Oskar Mastalier, Germany
Terry Oleson, USA
Jim Shores, USA  


Joining the IAAM

Membership application includes annual subscription to "Coherence, the International Journal for Auricular Medicine" and access to the discussion and research groups. Annual fee is $45,00 US dollars.

Application is by visa card, cheque or banktransfer.

ABN Amro Bank, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 

Swift code ABN ANL 2 R, 

Account no.
IAAM;  48 14 80 706

  VISA card number  
  Expiration date  



Discussion groups

On this website you find several discussion groups on different topics concerning auriculotherapy, auricular medicine and energy medicine.

Every member can start or join a discussion. 

The main topics are:

If you want to
publish an article, start a new discussion, join or react to a discussion, add a new topic, announce a meeting or a conference on auricular medicine or a related subject, please send an e-mail  to the IAAM.

Please note that we need the following information:

  • the name of the author

  • a title

  • in case of a new discussion/article, to which topic you are referring 

  • in case of a reaction, to which subject you are referring

  • the article preferably written as a Word document, illustrations are welcome



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All over the world medical doctors are involved in auricular medicine and energy medicine. A list of interesting links is for your convenience.

if you know some interesting links, please let us know. We will place your mentioned links on the IAAM site.


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